Thursday, July 13, 2006

Knitting: The Laptop Cozy

I've been very aware of the fact that I've been ignoring my third love, knitting. Poor little third love. A few weeks ago, I decided my laptop also needed a little love, so I decided to knit it a laptop cozy so it would have some flair all its own. There's a lovely pattern in Alterknits by Leigh Radford that I decided to try out. (Oooh, and Alterknits is on sale at Get 'em while they're hot!).

The Laptop Cozy is really very simple--it's basically a really long rectangle knit in a simple stockinette stitch and you can stripe or not as you please. Then you sew up the sides, felt it, cut some holes for handles, and voila! Laptop Cozy!

I'm partial to stripes myself and it just so happens that I had some Lamb's Pride Worsted yarn left in my stash from some socks going to be Christmas presents,'t quite make it beyond the Threshold of Good Intention. I lacked two skeins in a matching color, so on my Saturday morning jog a few weeks ago, I ran to my local yarn store, A Good Yarn (off Harvard Street in Brookline) to pick some up. The well-mannered ladies presiding over the shop that morning didn't quite know what to make of this sweaty, wild-eyed knitter who stumbled into their midst. "I won't touch!" I promised, and they nodded sagely.

Home, showered, and settled with some coffee, I began the Laptop Cozy. It's about half done now, so nothing too exciting to see. But I just happened to have recently purchased a fancy camera, so of course I'll post a few pictures so you can see the excellent striping action. By the way, the gold is the yarn I bought on my jog. I'm still learning how to do the macro-shots, so the colors are a bit dull, but you get the idea.

Look! A SUPER macro shot! Oh, the fine textures and textiles.

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Joel said...

EMMA! That is sooo cool. Did you know that Apple sells ipod "SOCKS"? I'll have to show you what I'm talking about the next time you venture up to the 7th floor.

Nice close-up shots!