Monday, July 23, 2007

Who wears short shorts?

Warning! Potentially blinding shots of pale white legs ahead!
Ok, so here's the first leg in all it's glory. More of a hem, really. (aHEM! Oh, I just made myself laugh out loud. I heart puns.) You can kinda make out the drop stitch 'rip' in the picture above. This one is a smallish one, but the other rips to photograph by one's self, shall we say. All in all, I'm pretty pleased! They're snug, suitably faux-denim, and...well..short.

Did I say short? I'm pretty sure there should be another name for this. They're purty darn short. See Evidence A:

Yeehaw, y'all! The ironic thing is that I STOPPED knitting because I was afraid it was getting too long! It was hard to try them on while the actual knitting was happening--needles and cords and balls of yarn and whatnot goofing up my measurements. So I had to guesstimate based on other pairs of shorts.

I have to admit that when wiggled into them and looked in the mirror to check out that first leg, my hands started twitching for a bathrobe. Or a towel. Or pair of full-length jeans. SOMETHING! They're painfully immodest for a lil' Midwestern gal like myself. I'm really having to force myself not to undo the bind-off and add on a few more rows.

Right? I should leave it, right? I mean they are Daisy Dukes. Right? Oh dear...cluck cluck cluck.


Emma C said...

Hmmm...these shots turned out much darker than I expected (pix always look lighter on my home computer). I'll see if I can take some pictures in better lighting.

ljmax said...

Very impressive! You'll have to get a photo of the pocket(s) too. Sadly, your legs are positively tan compared with my own.

Angelina said...

I think they're great! A new pair of shorts for a new episode in your life. I don't do short anything so I'd make longer ones for myself, but it's easy for me to suggest that you keep those exactly as they are!

Yeah, I want a shot of you in them standing up for the full beachy effect. Can you get a friend to take it?

smallspiralnotebook said...

Thanks for the comment! I almost passed out re: the donut muffin!!!
Cheers, f.