Sunday, February 25, 2007

Yarn: Daisy Dukes--Oh, it is BROUGHT!

Well, y'all, the much-anticipated and widely discussed Boston Heat Wave of '07 (Forty degree highs! Meteorologists in a tizzy!) met with an abrupt and untimely finale yesterday when we awoke to a crispy layer of new snow over the still-unmelted varnish of ice on the sidewalks. But it left me with hope. Hope for a New Spring. I have historically been a big proponent of winter and all that is wonderful in the season, but for some reason this year I can't wait for spring. I can't wait for the farmer's market and to plant my seeds. I can't wait to wear all my impractical strappy summer shoes and my favorite skirts. I can't wait to go for runs outside without constantly being on the lookout for patches of ice. Yes, I know we've had a mild winter this year and got off easy with only one big storm (so far), but somehow, that has made me even more antsy. I'm ready to let this winter fade into memory and embrace the sun again.

And with the warm weather on the horizon, it is once again time to begin watching for that elusive and migratory beast: Campusious Hottius (a.k.a. Campus Hotties). Yes, the Engineer will soon be deluged with young hotties walking around campus pursuing such valid trades as sun bathing and too-short-skirt-wearing.
This is what I'm up against:

I am not at all intimidated by these hotties (*cough,cough*...ahem), but I do find them infinitely fascinating. Since he spends most of his days on campus, the Engineer is constantly coming home with stories of Young Hottie sightings, stories that are usually accompanied by much shaking of the head and exclamations of, "NO! You're kidding!" on my part.

Ok, I'm not exactly intimidated by them, and to any young hottie wishing to snag the Engineer, I say "You best bring it!" But still...they do know how to make a gal feel, well, decidedly uncool. It's like these young'uns are constantly saying, "Yeah, I know ugg boots are UGGly and these shorts are too tight and this skirt shows my undies, but I'm so hip that I don't care. What are you, like, twenty-five? You're too old to understand." The aura of coolness oozes from their pores and you feel it in the specific passion of their disregard.

So this year I've decided to take a pro-active approach. It's time to make uncool cool again. It's time to Bring Back the Fashion. Yes, it's time for dai
sy dukes. And not just any daisy dukes, but knitted daisy dukes:

Daisy dukes, y'all! I missed this fashion train wreck back when it was actually "popular," but I feel the time is ripe for a come-back: Knittin' Style! We're talking soft blue denim yarn. We're talking belt loops made of i-cord. Fringe of elegantly unraveled bits of yarn. Oh, how to knit those interior pockets hanging so deliciously below the hem-line? My fingers do tingleth with joy...

I think I will base my pattern on the Sweetheart Shorts from KnitPicks (click HERE), though I'll have to modify it a bit to work in the pockets. Plus I think the waist line will need to be several inches shorter--we need to make sure those belly buttons get their time to shine.

And I know you're all sitting there wondering if I'll actually model my dukes in public once finished. Alls I can say is, all you
Campusious Hottius out there? You best bring it!


Angelina said...

Oh, I think you'll win this one in your knitted Daisy's! They won't even see you coming. You better post pictures. I'll be sitting here waiting.

OOOOH, I love a fashion duke-out.

You've got me laughin' over here.

Emma C said...

Today I was telling the Engineer about this post and he kind of laughed nervously and said, "'re serious, then? they be people be able to see through them?" He asked this not in a sexy way, but in a "am I going to have to hide you in the closet?" kind of way. It made me laugh. I assured him that I wasn't planning on wearing them out of the house, but that he might have to take the pictures of my dukes-clad booty to post on my blog. He slumped back in relief and said, "Ok. I can do THAT!" What a guy!

Also, I'm thinking of not actually knitting pockets but rather stealing them from an old pair of pants and sewing them in. I think knitted pockets would end up being too bulky and 'real' pockets would add a nice touch of nostalgic class. But I also feel like it's cheating a little. Thoughts?

Angelina said...

Not cheating...that's a good call on the bulk issue. That's why "real" pockets are made of lining fabric and not denim.

But, c'mon, if you never wear them to the campus, how will the Ugg fluffs ever know how much you've kicked their bahookies? (Max either got that word from a movie or made it up. But around here, we all have "bahookies" of varying sizes.)

Emma C said...

Bahookies! I love it!