Monday, February 11, 2008

Emma in "The Kitchn"

Hello, friends!

I recently applied for a writing position with a national food website called "Apartment Therapy: The Kitchn" and guess what?! It turns out they like me and they EVEN want me to write some more! Groovy, eh?!

This is a really neat site--more of a community blog of sorts, really--that does reviews, posts recipes, explores current topics in the food world, and all that good stuff that I blab on about all the time and you kindly listen to. The focus is really on creating a curious, friendly, comfortable space to spark discussion and for people to share their stories. I've been reading and commenting there for a few years and am just so incredibly excited to have this opportunity to work with them!

So I'll be writing a few articles over the next two weeks to see if it's a good fit (and I'm reeeeally hoping it's a good fit!), and I thought y'all might like to stop by the site and check out what I'm up to. And then, you know, maybe tell them how awesome I am? And how you, a completely anonymous and objective individual who I have not met previously, think that they should hire me?

My first two posts just went up and here are the links:

Why Tough Meats Make Better Braises:

New England Fish Chowder:

The link to the general site is here:

The Kitchn:

I have another post going up on Friday and two next week. And check in on the other writers being auditioned because they're pretty cool people too and deserve some love.....Except love me a leeetle more, ok?

Thanks, everyone!



Marissa said...

! ! !

you are my hero. really. i am in awe of all these fantastic things you're getting involved with lately. go you! :)

Anonymous said...

Very cool. Congratulations!

Angelina said...

I'm very proud of you!! You are taking off at last.