Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Oh, look! It's 2008!

It started snowing halfway through my run (the best run of 2008!) and by the time I got home, my glasses were so fogged and flecked with water that I couldn't see how gorgeous it was. Look! Gorgeous! The most gorgeous snowstorm of 2008!

I had the Engineer and some friends over last night and made them eat food until we were so full that we couldn't even be bothered to go to any of the First Night events downtown and stayed home to watch Ratatouille instead. I think it was right around that point in the movie when all-is-lost-but-surely-will-turn-out-ok that my friend Troy looked down at his watch and said, "Oh. Happy 2008, guys!" We scrambled to open a bottle of champagne, toasted each other, and watched the end of the movie. And then I fell asleep and had the best night's sleep of 2008.

Happy 2008, guys!

I only have one real resolution this year, and that is, simply, to relax. It's more of a theme, really. Or a mantra. I'd just like to be able to get my shoulders down from around my ears. Maybe just remember that there's this thing? Called a 'big picture'? Or something? For me, relaxing means letting go of the little things--like not being hard on myself if I don't go running. When it's about to snow. And I'm getting over a cold. And the Engineer is being cozy on the couch. (P.S. It just took me about five minutes to write that line because I couldn't think of good examples and then I couldn't figure out how to write it and hit that perfect funny-yet-serious note. This is what I'm talking about, people!)

Relaxing for me also means--this is really new and big and scary for me--asking for help when I need it. It means admitting that sometimes I need a little help and that's ok. It's so automatic for me to just take care of everything and git 'er done and push through, that I don't even realize that there are folks around that might be willing to...oh...pick up dinner. Or drive me to the store. Or hold my hand when I'm feeling scared about jumping off of all these cliffs.

There's a lot of big changes coming in the next year--and especially the next few months--and I have a feeling that I'm going to need to remind myself to relax quite frequently. Relax, unfog my glasses, and take a look around.

Here are a few personal goals I have for the new year to look forward to:

*Finish the Engineer's sweater (Because it is finally, truly, thankfully time)
*Finish Angelina's Scarf (Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and yes, Angelina, there is a scarf! And it's almost done!)
*Knitting something for myself that is all mine. Something big. And cozy. And maybe sweater shaped.

*Roast a chicken (Can you believe that I have never roasted a chicken?!)
*Learn how to can
*Learn how to make infused liquors

Reading n' Writing:
*Finish Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan
*Start my Great American (Young Adult) Novel


Dominique said...

Happy New Year my friend!

I recently decided to learn the proper way to roast a chicken, and let me tell you it is soooo rewarding! My favorite rub that i have made is a lemon rosemary salt rub, mmm! Butter dabbed on the top or under the skin before hand ensures a crispy brown skin!

Try the book Perfect Chicken Dishes by Anne Willan

Here's to awesome roating!

Angelina said...

I think your focus for the new year is a great one and though it will take time to get the hang of it, you will feel so good once you do. As I was reading the words "my shoulders down from around my ears..." i realized that that's where mine was.

So, you and me both!

Canning is a cinch!

Jana said...

let me tell you about roast chicken. and gravy. and whole wheat biscuits. oh yes.

TGJR said...

Roasting chicken sounds amazing, that's something i have yet to do. I want to make it a weekly or bi-weekly event so that i'll always have bones for stock or left-over chicken for other things.

I suggest Infusions of Grandeur for vodka infusions, really fun site.

Keep up the great posts!

EmmaC said...

Angelina, you KNOW I'm gonna be calling on you for canning help in a few months! Get ready!

Dom, thanks for the roasting inspiration. TGJR and I might be calling on YOU for help with this one!

TGJR, I'm with you on homemade stocks. We use homemade stocks at the culinary school, of course, but this past thanksgiving was the first time that I made one with the turkey bones for my own use. I really CAN taste the difference in my soups. Amazing! And thanks for the link to the infused vodkas. I'm snowed in today with a kitchen full of random last-week-shopping leftovers, so infused vodkas may be just the ticket!