Thursday, December 13, 2007

Photo of the Week: Chocolate Cake...Thing-A-Ma-Jigs

I haven't thought of a good name for these puppies yet. Can't quite figure out a name grand enough, nuanced enough to appropriately describe these layers of chocolate genoise, pomegranate whipped cream, and hazelnut dacquoise. Oh, man, they were tasty!

Hazelnut dacquoise, for those who don't know, is a basic meringue (egg whites beaten with sugar) with ground hazelnuts mixed in. I spread them into little rounds to form the flat 'cookies' sandwiched between the whipped cream. I had...oh...two trays or so of cookies left over and may have (MAY have) personally eaten the majority of them.

Any brilliant names come to mind?!


Angelina said...

No, but the last photo looks a little phalic.

Do you think the dacquoise would work well with walnuts? I love making meringues. Usually to make pavlovas with. Which I haven't done in a few years. Now I want a kiwi pavlova.

Are you loving your culinary schooling?

Emma C said...

Oh, yes, walnuts would work great! Just whip up the meringue and then fold in ground up walnuts. Yum yum. The meringue will be a little flatter than usual because the nuts will weigh it down.

I have a secret fascination with pavlovas. I've never made one and really really want to. Share you recipe?!

Yes, culinary school is great. Though I'm ready to be done with the 'basics' part of the course. We move on to Italian next week--huzzah!