Thursday, November 08, 2007

Rollin' rollin' rollin', keep that rally rollin'!!

One of the best advantages to working at the Noodle Factory is being in a primo localation for any Happenings of Interest in the downtown area. Point in fact: The Red Sox Rolling Rally! And because of COURSE I'm a die-hard Red Sox fan, of COURSE I HAD to go down to watch the rally of COURSE. I mean, like, duh! We're in Boston, people!

So please pardon my momentary lapse into Red Sox Fan-dom. We'll be back to our regularly scheduled Daisy Dukes and Culinary School updates in a moment.

The Rally View from my office. Crazy fans started lining up at about 8am. ETA of the rally? 11:30am:

And Mr. Terry "El Hombre" Francona hisself, looking quite pensive and reflective on his win:
And I had to include this shot because that VERY NICE AND NOT AT ALL ANNOYING lady in front of me so perfectly masked Francona's face with her enthusiastic thumbs up. How did she do that?:

Josh Beckett and his smirk:

Curt Schilling givin' it up for the crowd while Josh types a text message:

Drop Kick Murphy's:

Manny and Ortiz sharing a special moment:


And last but not least, my boyfriend Mike Lowell:P.S. Mike and I were steady waaaaay before the whole MVP thing. We've definitely been an item since at least mid-season.


ljmax said...

Yay Red Sox!

rebekah said...

but... mike lowell is MY boyfriend! that two timing sumbitch.