Monday, January 08, 2007

Burger King Manthem: 2006 Commercial

I can't help it. Despite my disdain of both fast food chains and advertising, I've got to give some props to Burger King for this commercial. C'mon, they use the word 'incorrigible'! I know. I KNOW! INCORRIGIBLE! That's a ten-point vocab word, folks! And they use it REPEATEDLY. I'd like to have sat in on that marketing meeting. It probably went something like this:

Male Male Marketing Exec 1: The Texas Whopper. It's big. It's manly. What's our angle?

Male Marketing Exec 2: Hmm...big...manly. Not feminine. Hmmm...manly. Do you think...? No. We couldn't.

Male Marketing Exec 3: No, I think you're right. It's time.

Exec 1: No. NO! We can't! They're not ready!

Exec 2: Yes. Let's take a leap. I think they can take it. It's time...for "incorrigible."

Exec 1: But...It's a ten-point vocab word! Do young men in America even own dictionaries these days?

Exec 3: Are we in this? Are we IN?!

Exec 1: We are SO incorrigible.

Exec 2: No, we are men. AND we're incorrigible.

And there's probably a female exec in there somewhere rolling her eyes.

I love this commercial and I love the word "incorrigible." Man, I really want a burger.


Dominique said...

How did you attach that commercial?
That is a good commercial! I haven't seen that one yet. I was a little worried that you were going to have one of those creepy king commercials on, I am so glad those seem to be gone! I am also glad you are back to your blog, I missed your updates, not that I can talk.

Emma C said...

Oh, yeah, I totally agree with you on those Burger King Big Head commercials. They were totally creepy. Especially the one where he was in bed eating a breakfast sandwich. *shudder*

To post a video: I searched for that commerical on Google Video and when you find the one you want, there's an option that says something like "Post to my blog" and then the instructions after that point were pretty self explanatory. I didn't know you could do it, either. Cool, huh?!

Joel said...

It's funny how I get this stong manly urge to throw my car off a bridge as soon as I scarf down a Whopper.